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AFRA Lead Times

With the past couple of years and the rise in supply and demand issues, the design industry has been facing high increases in furniture manufacturer’s lead time. We, at AFRA, have worked hard on creating a production process that helps meet each customer’s project deadlines with a wide variety of products. We know that each project has its demands, which is why we work hard on creating different plans that will meet any project budget, timeline, and design.

Our regular lead time is 8-12 weeks from reception of fabric and deposit and applies to most of our products. We ensure that all our materials are on time and provide updates throughout the production process, usually in the beginning when selecting the COM/Graded-in and finishes, mid production, and finally pre-shipping with pictures from the products. This allows for a smooth process for our customers with the most transparency.

Our shortest lead time for our most popular items is 6 to 8 weeks. The products with this lead time are usually in stock. The most requested items are the Sony Collection, Charlotte Collection, Lahey L16 Lounge, the Macaron Lounge,Meka Collection, Ava Lounges and Phoenix metal collection. If a deadline is urgent, the AFRA team is always ready to offer a piece from our quick ship collection that meets the aesthetic of a given project.

Finally, our longest lead time is for projects with longer timelines and bigger quantities with over 300 pieces or customized items. With projects such as these, we work with our customers to create a production and financing plan that allows for a longer production lead time. We work with the customers to establish a lead time that is tailored to their needs, usually ranging between 12 to 14 weeks.

However, we realize that there is always a possibility of delay on our part. When this happens, we do our best to communicate realistic expectations regarding our delivery schedule. We understand and know that any delays, especially with projects with tight deadlines, can be dreadful and work with our customers to offer temporary solutions.

AFRA’s goal for every project is to offer stylish and comfortable products that meet our customers’ deadlines while providing stress-free process that make our clients happy.


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